Teardrop Flying Flag Banner


Price includes:

  • Custom banner printing (any design supplied by customer)
  • Fiberglass flexi-pole that keeps the banner tight
  • And a convenient Oxford carry bag/case.


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Shape is a Tear Drop Flag Banner.

Make your point in a big way! These gorgeous banners really get the message across.

Ready to get your message heard? Start with a custom business flying flag banner. With the latest in fabrication technology, we’ll make sure that not only will you get your message across, but also that it’s marketed well!

In fact, customers tell us they see our banners before anything else when travelling along large highways and busy intersections because they use only high-visibility colours.

Small – Height 220cm (Printable Area: 174cm x 74cm) Pole length – 320cm

Medium – Height 350cm (Printable Area: 250cm x 105cm)

Large – Height 460cm (Printable Area: 367cm x 130cm)


Flying Banner - teardrop


All of our materials are waterproof and weather resistant so whether you’re in Sydney or Melbourne, Adelaide or Brisbane, we’ve got the perfect flying flag for you. We work with all banner sizes: tell us what interests you and we’ll find an option that suits!

Show your company some love with our Flying Flag Banner. This 1 or 2-sided fabric sign is perfect for companies to use outside their office, at trade show booths, outdoor concerts, and even backyard events.

It’s lightweight but durable enough to stand up against windy weather or kids playing ball games. Something this affordable that you can attach to your existing flag pole is hard to come by!

This is a perfect product for those looking to decorate their businesses with appropriate flag types.

The flag works best on windy days as the sign is moving in the peripheral vision, making them eye magnets.

Make your point in a big way! These gorgeous banners really get the message across.

Wow, that’s how you want to say hello to people when they walk in your store. With these flying banner signs, each side is a different color and design, which will get attention from all angles! The best part? They’re made of lightweight material that will fly seamlessly no matter the weather.

*While the actual design of the sign is the responsibility of the customer, we do provide artwork set up free of charge. This is for us to position your design within the tear drop shape and to prepare the artwork for production.


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Weight N/A
Flag Size

S – Height 2.2M (Single Side Printing), S – Height 2.2M (Double Side Printing), M – Height 3.5M (Single Side Printing), M – Height 3.5M (Double Side Printing), L – Height 4.6M (Single Side Printing), L – Height 4.6M (Double Side Printing)